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"Michelle is quite knowledgeable and always well prepared. She has the ability to break lessons down into manageable, easily learned units. I have never felt overwhelmed or discouraged after a lesson with Michelle. She is patient, nurturing and non-judgmental. Her love of dance is infectious, and I always leave feeling excited about practicing the new steps!

My fiancé and I took Night Club 2 Step lessons for several months in preparation for a friend’s wedding. As a result, we had a great time!"
- Gail Evans


"Michelle is a great teacher! As someone who has done very little dancing, I quickly gained confidence through her instruction. My nervousness walking into a dance studio was quickly replaced with the fun we had together."
- John Baker


"My husband and I went to Michelle for help with our wedding dance. We had a song picked out, but no idea where to go from there. Michelle offered a couple different dance styles that fit with the music. We picked our favorite and were on our way. By the end of our first meeting we had dance steps to practice at home that were fun and doable for my husband (who had no dance experience) and interesting and new for me (lots of experience). We enjoyed our time so much that we've decided to continue taking lessons from her. Our wedding dance went so smoothly. Many guests commented about how comfortably we moved together and how obvious it was that we were having fun. Thanks Michelle!"
- Toni Gerard


"I am delighted to recommend Michelle as a top group ballroom class instructor having participated in her classes in the last two years. Her classes grew to as many as 70 students and I was amazed at her ability to instruct all the different styles of traditional ballroom and Latin dances and still control the flow and movement of that many students on the floor! Michelle is the consummate professional. She is always prepared, sweet, kind, considerate and most of all patient with her students. Add to that her experience in acting and theater production and you have the perfect instructor who aspires to energize, excite, inspire and motivate people to at least want or try to be at the top of their game. As I myself used to teach, I can attest for sure that she brought the dance world back to me.”
- Wilson Mah, Rising Sunn Productions


”Michelle has been one my favorite dance teachers. One thing I found especially amazing about Michelle was her ability of making a complicated dance movement very simple and easy to remember. I have been in her group lessons for over a year, and either big group or small group, everyone enjoyed her lessons. Michelle is very patient, never tired of or upset about repeating steps. She's not only teaching dancing, she also helped to build up our self-esteem and confidence, for us to call ourselves dancers and be able to go out and dance everywhere else. Because of Michelle, I am not afraid of dancing, and because of Michelle, I love to dance now.”
- Nancy Chow


"I was a brand new dancer REALLY FRESH AND GREEN. I had ABSOLUTELY NO DANCE, MUSIC, OR RHYTHM related experience BEFORE Michelle. I signed up for one of Michelle's group Latin & Ballroom social dance classes. By the time I finished the short 9 week class, I had learned the essential foundations for partner dancing: Frame, timing/rhythm, basic steps and variations.

Her instructions were clear and easy to follow. She's patient and the most gentle and friendly dance instructor out there; if the dance student doesn't get it, she's more than happy to review the parts the student is having difficulty with.

Michelle's group classes gave me the vital social dance foundation and skills that has allowed me to continue to build upon and advance as a dancer. I feel I owe the success and enjoyment I'm experiencing in social dancing to Michelle Parodi's group classes. The frequent compliments from the followers about an enjoyable lead by me don't hurt either. :-)) THANKS MICHELLE!!

Michelle Parodi's group dance classes have definitely changed my life and introduced me to the wonderful community and activities of social/partner dancing. Take her, you won't be sorry. Just don't complain to her if your social calendar suddenly becomes filled with dance activities and invitations from your new circle of dance friends to go dancing with them! [ALL SMILES!!]"
- John Hong


"Faces a little brighter seem
As she whirls and weaves
Her way across the stage."
- Roger Drucker


Private dance instruction for wedding couples in San Francisco, CA